Saturday, May 28, 2011

When will I learn?

I realize I am now using this blog to record my awkward moments.
Lucky for you guys I have another moment to share with y'all!
Last Thursday was the senior bar crawl and boy was that fun! We went to a number of bars, specialties included jello shots and dollar tabs. We eventually ended up at the most popular bar, Patty's. I actually was having a good time, E was being a bit ridiculous (as always) and K was running around taking pictures with EVERYONE. Not to mention she was being tailed by some suiters which always makes her happy. By the time last-call came around K had three gentlemen pining for her attention. But she was too busy dancing on the table. E was miffed because that is exactly the kind of attention she wants and was not getting. Previously one of my friends introduced me to his friend and E was standing there. After I shook his hand E stormed away ranting about how no one likes her. That was a pleasure to deal with.
Anyway we left K in good hands and we got on the first bus home. One of E's friends from high school was on the bus and invited us back to his apartment. It was then that E told me that she wanted to hook up with him. Obviously I was sick of being the 3rd wheel but I was too tired to argue. We didn't end up in his room but the apartment of K's ex boyfriend. E was blackout by this time and putting her moved on every male.
One of the roommates, C, came in spraying a fire extinguisher. Solid. He comes in and E promptly leads him to the bedroom. I am pretty much sober by this time and in no mood. But E told me to wait. Wait? Wait where? So I am stuck just hanging out in the living-room. One of the other roommates is there, J, and he is relatively sober. We make occasional small talk while watching tv. Unfortunately neither of us are outgoing and its hard to make continuous small talk for 3 hours. Yep. 3 HOURS of waiting for E to finish. The funny part was that she kept coming out of the room to have little talks with me. One time she announced that she did not want to give another bj, that she thought C had a girlfriend and during a private convo she told me she needed 15 more minutes just so she could "get off."
Meanwhile I was discovering via small talk that I had a lot in common with J. He played golf and loved to fly fish. Plus he loves Montana. When E finally decided that she was done I said good bye to J and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. In that 3 hours I developed a crush. CRAP. Anyway this goes under my awkward moments list because 3 hours of small talk with anyone whilst your bestie is getting some is always awkward. I don't care who you are.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I want one. A dalliance.
Particularly with the hot english major who lives above me.
I realize that this is my crazy imagination running away with things. Not to mention I am completely bored and just watched a en episode of BBC's "Mistresses." But seriously I feel like I need to reward myself. And who could reward me better with a humanities intellectual equal who also plays tennis? Boy Upstairs. I've had two classes with Boy Upstairs. Creative Writing and Medieval England. I'm not really sure what I was like in creative writing but I can vividly remember an embarrassing instance from Medieval England. I was paired with Boy Upstairs, his roommate and another kid (who actually looked like Moe from the Simpsons). We were assigned to read a chapter out of King John and report on it to the class from the point of view of his barons. It was barely a five minute presentation, but we all know how I get when I stand up in front of people. All my brain cells deicide that would be the perfect time for a nap. When the presentation was over I sat down.... and didn't really remember what I said. But I do have the feeling that I used the word "crazy" or the variation "crazily" to describe taxes, parliament meetings and King Johns policies in general. I make great impressions on people.
Anyway besides saying the sultry "hey" in the stairway past Boy Upstairs there has been minimal interactions. Not that that stops me from looking at him....
So thats my life. All I really want is to make-out with someone. Boy Upstairs should come down here and help a girl out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Nationals finished with a bang and a fizzle. The bang of lightning/thunder and the fizzle of our dreams of finally defeating Methodist. We were down 12 strokes going into the final day. But Methodist was coming down hard after the first 9 holes of the final round. I was playing like never before and even par after 11 holes (I got my first bogey on the 11th hole). Then right as I am about to hit my eight iron perfectly to 12 green they blew the lightning horn.
NCAA rules dictate that we wait 30 minutes after a lightning strikes within 10 miles of the course. After every lightning strike the 30 minute count restarts. We came in to the pro-shop at 5 pm. At 6 I started to cry because I knew that the lightning wasn't stopping and we wouldn't get to finish. Methodist had won again. I would never know if I could have continued that amazing round. What a let down. Coach had bought silly string in case we won... it kind of broke my heart when we saw him unload it from his bag.
Anyway yesterday after we got back and a long nap I proceeded to both drown my sorrows of an unfinished round and celebrate the face that I was an All American due to my 6th place individual finish.
For a girl who hasn't drank because of a long sports season has little to no alcohol tolerance. Unfortunately my dear friends didn't think of that and thought the amount I was drinking was perfectly acceptable. They should have know that after every new group of people that got on the gus bus I shouted "I'M AN ALL AMERICAN!" that I would not last too long. We made it to the bar just in time for me to puke my brains out and need to be taken home.
Oh the memories.
In any case I am extremely proud of my teammates and thankful for my supportive parents and friends.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Basic Social Skills.

I am about to share something with you. Something personal. Prepare yourself.
I AM AWKWARD. Sure a lot of people have been in awkward situations and gotten red in the face. Or said something silly that was followed by silence. Those types of things are normal. Plus they only really happen about once a month. For me those types of situations are exaggerated and happen on a daily (if not hourly) basis.
FOR INSTANCE: Ok so campus is pretty small. So you know who went to high school with your friends (everyone here is from MN) you know your teammates' roommates' random hookups and their boyfriends kind of friends. You just kind of know people here. Yesterday I was with K and E at the campus center giggling off our sugar high. We ran into one of E's high school 'friends' who was with his friends. E and this guy nodded at each other. But we continued walking behind them. One of the random guys (who I DO NOT KNOW) said 'yeah she was pretty cute' [obviously in reference to someone not in the proximity] and I said to E and K 'I know!' The guys just turned around and looked at me. AWKWARD. Of course we giggled about it endlessly but really, that guy now knows I am a totally socially awkward freak.

Then today some guys from golf team asked if I wanted to play... and it took me about a minute to respond. "uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Naaaaaaaaaaahhhh. I think I am going to pass..............................." My life is amazing.

UPDATE. So last night we went to the bar (yeah yeah I broke the 48 hour rule). Anyway the guys I said "i know" to were there. They pointed at me. And then talked and pointed. Praise the Lord on high that I am leaving for a week.... maybe everyone will forget who I am by then

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it? Could it possibly be... Spring?!

BARELY. But I think spring has arrived. After suffering a disaster of a spring with flooding, freezing temps and more precipitation than necessary I think we might actually have some nice weather. Yesterday was so cold I didn't even go to practice.... and the girls that did go said it was pointless because they couldn't feel their hands. Don't worry I got plenty of practice today and even got some vitamin D! We really have to up the practice this week because Nationals is next week! YIKES. I am already nervous. I'm not exactly hitting the ball great and my short game cannot compensate that much. Every time I hit a bad shot on the range I just picture the course in Florida where any missed shot could result in disaster. How much can I really improve in 4 days?
In other news the men's golf team got an at large bid to nationals as well! We're all very proud of them!
Lots to do before I miss an entire week of school! Like that 20 page research paper... Lord help me.