Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things people do.

My lovely roommate M is chomping her gum again. She's the gum chewer that smacked, chomps and blows bubbles that pop. AKA she is about to win an award for obnoxious gum chewing. I just sent in her nomination. Silly me, I am to blame. I am also chewing gum, (its before lunch, and instead of snacking I have opted for some Extra dessert gum to stave off the hunger). Seeing my petite chewing M asks if I have any gum because she is out. Actually I just hid her gum because she is such an annoying chewer. Well that plan backfired. So now I have to listen to the arrangement of country music mixed in with spits, chomps and smacks. Unreal.

In other news...I have nothing else to really discuss (creativity has hit an all time low). Unless you want to read about how I found a clump of blonde hair on my letterman's jacket this morning in the caf. erlack. Lunch time yet?

Monday, February 21, 2011


Why do professors hate America? Its President's Day and there is a major blizzard ragging outside and yet they refuse to cancel classes. We did have an abbreviated schedule but really when you still have to tramp through a foot of snow to get to class I think they should cancel. I'm not a pansy when it comes to snow, and neither are most people from rural Minnesota are used to blizzards like this. But seeing as we shouldn't have class today anyway I don't see the harm in giving us a three day weekend. Hello? have some respect for the holidays! (ha)
The sad thing about this storm is that in a month most of the snow will be melted. Unfortunately due to flooding last spring and heavy rains this fall the ground is already saturated with water, so the snow melt has no place to go. Looks like those professors who refused to cancel classes will be canceling classes soon enough because their homes will be down the river in Iowa. Sucks.
Besides the impending doom and snow-blindness life here at Gac has remained the same. People are recovering from their case day exploits and wondering about P-ball.
We also have student senate co-presidential elections coming up next week. I serve on ethics committee as a student at large, so I am on the outside of the senate loop. Last night ethics committee spent and hour and a half talking about what to do about tech directors and chairs. We eventually came to the conclusion to "take no action on the matter." Yeah thats right, we spent on hour doing nothing. A fellow ethics member was also kind enough to point out that technically I do not have speaking privileges. No Speaking Privileges?!?!? Are you kidding me? Why the hell am I there if I don't get to speak unless addressed. That is bullshit my friends.
Enough ranting. Catch y'all on the flip side

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keystone light

I just managed to lose the remote control in 30 seconds. Still can't find it. Whatevs, I'm not that lazy. The dvd player and Tv are luckily squished only 2.5 feet from the futon. Foiled again remote control gnomes!
Anyway that's not the topic of the day, the topic for this lovely saturday is Case Day. It's a remarkable tradition that sparked from years of having a wet campus but without having any real fun. So some lively hockey Super fans decided that drinking a case of beer was a worthy opponent for these boring days between freezing tundra and melting swamp land. So the tradition carries on in the middle of February!
Actually I have no idea how the tradition started, but that was a pretty good story was it not?
So here we are freezing our asses off and wallowing in pain waiting for the snow to melt to reveal the keystone cans that scatter our campus reminding us of the days when the liquid coat was actually enough. Enter Case Day! our proudest tradition. better than the rouser. better than the gus bus. better than the caf food (questionable?). Drink a case of beer or attempt to and then throw up and pass out at 7 pm. Brilliant!
Unless you are 6'2'' and weigh over 200 pounds drinking 24 cans of beer can be quite the challenge. I mean lets be honest, one can of Keystone (case of choice) has over 100 calories in in. Adding up to 2400 calories. Thats A LOT. Especially when most people do not stay awake for all 24 hours. Ok so here is the strategy. friday- eat very little mostly water until 5 pm. Then fast until 12. Once it is officially saturday, drink like 4 or five beers. Or chug until you feel dizzy. Then pass out and get up early. Then get to work. Eating helps. But considering that you will be full of beer, eating may seem like too much. work on a beer an hour with some snacks and water every once in awhile. Around 7 or party time you have to get going. By this time you will be thoroughly drunk so power hour and chugging contests sound like a good idea! The only real key to Case Day is NOT to fall asleep. If you are awake and have finished your case by midnight, YOU WIN. (you win a giant hangover that will last for at least 3 days.) Good Job!
Oh right. I forgot there are tee shirts. 2009 was a picture of Obama saying "yes we can finish our cases" and last year it was Tiger woods "24 in one day, if Tiger can do it, so can we" This year we are poking fun at our new slogan "make your life count" but we changed it to "make your night count."
creativity at its finest.

Friday, February 18, 2011

what we talk about

Going back to the enlightening conversation I had last night with my roommates I would like to talk about a number of things. Virginity, sex, hooking up and boyfriends. OK this started after my roommate E asked my other roommate M asked about sex positions (don't ask me how this came up but things like this always do). M explained that it is easy when you know your partner etc. Boring relationship stuff. Then we started talking about hooking up. M has hooked up with a few people but she is more of relationship gal, only serious boyfriends for her. Heck even when she has a boyfriend she has boys lining up to be with her. Ah well M just has a charmed life and we all know it. We don't resent it but we just wish she would understand that some of us don't get everything we bat our eyes at. Meanwhile E has hooked up with a number of people and by a number I mean, roughly the same number of states in the Union. Nor does she remember all of them. But She is still a virgin. Where as M is not. So what does all this promiscuity add up to? M thinks E is kind of a slut (not a direct quote but that's what she seemed to say). M's argument for this was the lack of emotion in the hookups and that they were just sad attempts to fill an emptiness. E counters this by saying she chooses to do this and does it for fun.
This leads us to the next discussion. Why is it ok for guys to be sluts but then girls are called out more often. At least we now show our ankles without getting arrested these days.
Who is wrong M or E?

good morning!

Just thought I would stop and say good morning! It has now turned cold here at the college after we enjoyed a few lovely days of watching snow melt. Unfortunately we are going to have some nasty flooding here in the next couple months. Get out your rafts!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Library Times

So here I am at the library not really doing my homework. I am supposed to be writing about the anti-federalist movement and the federalist papers. Don't get me wrong, I love the good ol' founding fathers, but I could be watching Glee right now. ha. Glee is such a dumb show but it sucks you in and you can't help but staring at the TV waiting for the next completely ridiculous thing to occur. None of the crap that goes down in glee went down in High School. At least no one at my alma mater would waste a perfectly good slushy on some geek. We did have a random strip-tease at a dance off but that was about as wild as it got.
Anyway back to the FFs (Founding fathers), my real father is completely obsessed with John Adams and everything he did. Every time someone complains about something in our household my dad will say something like, "yes well my good friend John Adams put his life on the line for this country and you better start appreciating it!"
Right-o Dad. The thing is, I do appreciate it. Heck I am one of 11 college republicans. Isn't that enough. (even though I am more of a moderate- gay rights anyone?)
The one thing I am really against is gun control. Montana is one of those great states where there are few laws on guns and who can own them. Of course we do have laws, like crazy people cant own them and you have to be 18 and no restraining orders against you and what not. But seriously no one in montana is going to rob you because everyone has a least 4 loaded guns in their house. The Right to bear arms! totally brilliance.
ok I really got to go, my friends are being all studious and what not. Federalist papers here I come!