Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Evenings

Generally on Sunday evenings I find myself realizing that I have loads of homework to do or large tests to study for. Tonight seems to be a weird exception. I finished my immanent homework around 4.... and have been absolutely bored since.
And yes I do realize that only boring people get bored. Trust me, my mother drilled that one into me. Usually I would be totally down to read a new book but all my homework lately has been research. Seriously the last thing I read was "Language Rights in Independent Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania" and after you read several books/articles like that reading just doesn't sound all that fun.
I also realize that I could go work out. But I took a shower earlier today... and I would have to take another one. Two showers in one day? that seems excessive.
I definitely could be working on one of the 4 research papers I have... but again with the reading. I've done my nails and watched Pride & Prejudice. I would bake something, but the kitchen is a mess and H made cupcakes yesterday.
I have nothing to organize because I've already done all that. poo.
Here is what I've decided:
1.) I don't want to graduate. How did this happen? Aren't I still a sophomore? People always told me this would go by so quickly but I was not prepared for this!
2.) I have no marketable skills, zip, zero, nada. Hello, want me to tell you about peasant riots during Henry VIII's reign? Yeah I am totes screwed.
3.) I miss K a ton. Stupid Law School had to take her away from me. Bring her back. I need a fun bestie who isn't totally insane. (I love my blondes but they cannot replace K)
4.) I am homesick. I want to see my sister. I want to see my brother. I want to see my parents and my dogs. I want to sleep in my bed. I want to have good food cooked for me. I want to fall asleep to silence.
5.) I really shouldn't complain about life. My life is awesome. woot.

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