Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sorry kiddos for keeping you in suspense for months.... I know it has been truly hard. But never fear! Here I am to spread my witticisms around the world.
So this fall has been crazy busy. And despite the prolonged 'fall' weather. It has kind of sucked. Golf ladies did not win the MIAC championship as planned, nor did I play... I had some issues.. and the freshies apparently did not. ah well its all in the past. But then again, every time I think about it, I feel like someone has stabbed me in the heart with a sizzling hot axe.
Why am I writing now? .... well all my blondes (aka roommates) are out "making their lives count" (thanks GAC, for giving us that awesome motto). E is at choir, A is TAing for some bio class and H is god knows where... but no doubt she is helping society.
The new academic building is looking fly... unfortunately the heat seems to not work probably. My lucky peers do not get to see my fabulous outfits because I have to wear my jacket in the building. (actually they are really just missing out on my vast selection of sweatpants and sweatshirts).
I don't have K here to a) make me think about what I wear and b) to make me work out. So now even if I were to think about what I wore to class, I wouldn't be able to get it around my corpulent middle section. Sexy can I?
so yeah, I just watched our men's soccer team lose to Carleton. boo. I still find it amazing when schools like carleton, stolaf and macalester beat us. Nerds who spend all their time in the dark and damp library should have muscle mass depletion! Hence, they should not be able to run faster than us. Actually come to think of it, macalester never beats us. yay. You may have high paying jobs upon graduation and we may all turn into alcoholics, but at least we beat you once in track! SUCK IT. ha
Yikes. I gotta go turn off the air conditioning.

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