Monday, November 7, 2011

Iron chef! kind of...

I have often boasted that I am a fairly good cook. This year, with my own kitchen, I have managed to not starve to death. Unfortunately I think that is because I have made a few trips to the various fast food establishments around town. And a meal from those places have enough calories to sustain me for days (not that I would ever let that happen).
Frozen pizzas are truly one of the best things invented. My love for sandwiches has been rekindled. I have grilled cheese at least three times a week. I cannot remember the last fresh vegetable I ate that was not a baby carrot.
Tonight my gourmet dinner was pepperoni, cheese and crackers. Of course I added a few carrots because I don't want to get scurvy. Like I said. I am an Iron Chef. (If you don't get this reference to the food network, then you obviously have a life, congrats).
A.) I do not have the time to cook fabulous meals.
B.) I do not have the fiscal means of buying quality ingredients.
C.) I am straight up lazy.
HENCE. I am really excited to go home! My fabulous parents and other relatives are soooo good at making fabulous meals with all the best things. Plus they make everything with love.

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