Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life in Perspective.

Rory McIlroy recently won the US Open and Rickie Fowler has made nothing but pars yet today. They are both 22. They're out there playing amazing golf taking on guys with more experience on the tour than these guys have been walking. I'm a fan of both of these younger gentlemen, probably because they are my peers. And let's be real, I totally have crushes on both of them... mostly founded in their golf swings. Let's compare them!
Ok so Rory is a crowd favorite. He got major kudos after he blew up at the Masters and then sat there with the press and answered all those painful questions. He's an emotional player but doesn't let little misses rattle him. Have you seen this kid swing? I'm star struck at the beauty. Everything seems on plane and he is always so balanced. At Congressional everyone was cheering for him, "Let's go Rory!"
Things that Rory doesn't have going for him are few and far between. With his soft eyes and baby face his lacks sex-appeal. He also struggles with outfits. Some days he wears things that look good but overall its all pretty boring and he has nothing to set him apart from the rest of the crowd. He also has a lot of pressure on him. After winning a Major like he did this year more people are looking at him to be the next Tiger Woods. But Let's not forget his sad finishing performance at the 2011 Masters and now the 2011 Open Championship. He has also only won 3 times since turning pro in 2007. His Tweets are regular and funny and he seems like a normal guy
Rickie managed to beat out Rory in 2010 for PGA Rookie of the Year. Rickie has yet to win as a professional. He turned pro in 2009 after attending Oklahoma State University. His swing is not quite as beautiful at Rory but he makes the game a bit more interesting. Plus he gets up and down like nobody's business.
Rickie seems to have the things that Rory lacks. He's got sex appeal up the wazoo. He's got swagger and actually looks like a 22 year old. Where as Rory could be mistaken for a 40 year old if you were more than 50 yards away. Rickie is part Japanese and his grandmother is Navajo. He signed with Puma just after he turned pro. Puma is a young company known for being the "cool" guys in the industry. While some love the look that Rickie has established others think he looks like a douche. I have yet to make up my mind. While the look might douchey on anyone else it is Rickie's particular style. Which makes him unique on the tour and easy to recognize. He also seems like a pretty chill guy. He is in the PGA tour's "golf boys" band. A hilarious video with Ben Crane, Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan, makes Rickie seem like he has a good sense of humor and low key. Rickie will certainly be one to watch in the up coming years. He has the skills to sit atop the leader boards but he might be trailing Rory throughout his career.

I must say I am partial to Rory because of his swing, baby face and win at congressional. But then again I relate to Rickie because of the name, he's an American and he dealt with the NCAA.

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