Wednesday, September 14, 2011

...So I got really busy

My apologies to all you for taking a two month hiatus. I know you were all deeply confused without my insight on certain subject. To catch you up...
-I rushed off to the UK and had the time of my life. Getting in-touch with my Scottish ancestry was never so fun! I also played some amazing golf courses and had the best time with my parents and team.
-I won the city championship with a PR round, which was really exciting.
-My dear friend from college came to visit, we toured glacier national park and had some fabulous adventures.
-My beautiful cousin married a wonderful gentleman, and the wedding was a blast. My sister was a bridesmaid- she looked beautiful. Until she had another mysterious allergic reaction- but she held her head up high and carried on.
-Won the club championship. 3rd or 4th time... although not consecutively :( ah well I had a wonderful time playing with my brother and ben.
-Drove back to school with my loving mother (we didn't fight the entire trip!)
-And now here I am back at school frustrated at golf and homework.

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